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Andy Wright, International Storyteller

After a fantastic library incursion with Andy Wright, 1M created their own stories and sent three of their favourites to Andy via email:
Dear Andy,

Thank you for coming to Laburnum Primary School. We really liked your story telling because you acted it out. The actions were good and we loved the way you used expression. It was good that we could help you and help with the actions.

When we got back to class we made our own stories. We used our class iPads and different apps that are fun. We made really good stories because you helped us have ideas and made us believe that we can be story tellers too. We can make better characters now because you helped us think about them more. We used pictures, but blind people could also hear our stories.

Here are three of our stories for you:
· Spider and Blob by George and James
· Squirrel by Patrick and Chloe
· The Princess and the Donkey by Eliza and Olivia (this is an .epub file – it can be opened in iBooks)

From 1M

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Interactive Writing

Students used the iPad program ‘Doodle Buddy’ to perform 1:1 handwriting on the iPads. They were able to write selected words on the iPad and then discuss these with a partner. Following this we wrote the words on the board as a class. Students were thoroughly engaged in the task and produced some great writing.


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Minibeast Adjectives

1T have been very busy using Safari and PicCollage to produce creative displays of minibeasts and adjectives that describe them!






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Explain Everything

Students in 1M are using Explain Everything to complete a series of slides containing drawings, videos, photos and recordings to share their knowledge of spiders!



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Handwriting with iPads

Today for handwriting I modeled tricky letters such as r, d and k on the Interactive Whiteboard. After explicitly modeling the formation for each letter the students engaged in 1:1 iPad handwriting on the application ‘Doodle Buddy’. The students were extremely engaged and did fabulous letter formations for these tricky letters. After approximately 15 minutes of handwriting on the iPads the children went off to complete handwriting with writing pencils at there tables and to my amazement did the best letter formation to date!


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Puppet Pals

Learning about narrative writing with Puppet Pals today.

Helena shows us how – after only 10 minutes experience with the app. Click the link below!

Puppet Pals with Grade 1M


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Grandparents day

Great to see so many Grand-parents and special friends able to visit the Prep area this morning. The students were very proud to show them around. I even saw one prep student asking her grand father to Be Quiet as they walked past the library – seems those reminders are working!


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This great app is allowing our students to Show Us exactly what they know about books they read. The student who created the video below was supported to demonstrate her ability to read punctuation and phrasing through her use of voice, tone and pauses. She does a fantastic job of bringing the story to life – have a look to see what you think!



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Puppet Pals!

This week in Grade 1 we are learning about narratives and storytelling. I thought I’d share a couple of the ‘trial run’ stories that a small group in 1B created today – with no more than 5 minutes introduction!

Click these links to see their work!




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Maths in Nature

Today in 1M the children are focusing on Symmetry. After a lovely walk around the grounds, they have used an app of their choice to share and explain their findings. They have found quite a few symmetrical objects around the school!
Well done 1M!




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