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Welcome Parents!

To all our LPS families – welcome and thanks for joining us here online.

As you may have read in the recent school newsletter, this year sees Laburnum PS provide access to a relatively new 21st Century learning device – namely, the Apple iPad. 100 iPads will be distributed across the 10 classes that make up Grades Prep and One. We are very excited to be able to provide access to these fantastic learning tools at a ratio of approximately 1 iPad to 2 students (slightly higher in Grade 1).

With these learning tools, your child will be able to access more personalised and focused learning experiences and they will be able to give and receive feedback. Importantly, they will also be able to maintain focus on their learning and not have to spend large amounts of time deciphering the tool itself (as can be the case with desktop/laptop computers in these age gropus). These great benefits make us extremely positive about your child’s learning in the coming years.

In all of this, your role as a parent is crucial. Although these iPads will be used only at school (they won’t be brought home), you can support this program by beginning to talk with your child now. Ask them what they know about Prep or Grade 1, what they might learn, what tools they might use. Discuss concepts such as the Internet, email, privacy and cyber-safety. Do they understand that an iPad is connected to the Internet? What or where is the Internet? (Hint: we tell them that the Internet is simply us connecting to other people’s computers around the world). These are all important starting points for this year’s learning.

Cyber-safety and digital citizenship are part of our regular curriculum – only now we have a practical way to provide clear examples of how students should behave online. Of course, in the Early Years’ our students are only beginning their online journeys. However, we believe that supporting children to develop good and safe online habits should begin at school, and as soon as our students begin working online.

Each year we offer parent information evenings to support your role in your child’s cyber-safety. Be sure to keep your eye out for the 2013 evening.

Please check back soon to learn more about what is going in Grades Prep and 1!


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