iPads in the Early Years

Learning, Teaching & Exploring with iPads @ Laburnum PS

Dinosaur Facts

Using the Explain Everything application, Prep students were asked to develop questions that had ‘yes’ answers about dinosaurs.

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Kids Teaching Kids

1M and 1G got together to teach each other in small groups. This was highly successful and the students can’t wait to do it again!








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Andy Wright, International Storyteller

After a fantastic library incursion with Andy Wright, 1M created their own stories and sent three of their favourites to Andy via email:
Dear Andy,

Thank you for coming to Laburnum Primary School. We really liked your story telling because you acted it out. The actions were good and we loved the way you used expression. It was good that we could help you and help with the actions.

When we got back to class we made our own stories. We used our class iPads and different apps that are fun. We made really good stories because you helped us have ideas and made us believe that we can be story tellers too. We can make better characters now because you helped us think about them more. We used pictures, but blind people could also hear our stories.

Here are three of our stories for you:
· Spider and Blob by George and James
· Squirrel by Patrick and Chloe
· The Princess and the Donkey by Eliza and Olivia (this is an .epub file – it can be opened in iBooks)

From 1M

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