iPads in the Early Years

Learning, Teaching & Exploring with iPads @ Laburnum PS

Puppet Pals!

This week in Grade 1 we are learning about narratives and storytelling. I thought I’d share a couple of the ‘trial run’ stories that a small group in 1B created today – with no more than 5 minutes introduction!

Click these links to see their work!




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Maths in Nature

Today in 1M the children are focusing on Symmetry. After a lovely walk around the grounds, they have used an app of their choice to share and explain their findings. They have found quite a few symmetrical objects around the school!
Well done 1M!




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Interactive books – our thoughts (briefly!)

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Interactive big books for learning today!


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Back to school

Welcome back to all our LPS families! If you are a Prep parent – congrats on Term 1 ! Only 48 more terms to go until the end of Year 12!!

First thing this morning our lovely Mrs Mauran dived straight back into our iPad program with some fantastic activities linking iPads, Cued Articulation and handwriting skills. Mrs Mauran is loving these new learning tools and is keen to do more and more!

Prep M had a great time drawing, correcting, practicing and re-writing their letter formations this morning. With the iPad there is much less ‘down time’ between first and second attempts, meaning more focus in the important work they are doing.


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