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Welcoming ICTEV Visitors!

on March 25, 2013

Last Monday we have the pleasure of welcoming a group of around 25 teachers who were participating in the ICTEV Learning Walk in the Eastern Suburbs. Having already visited a few schools earlier in the day, ours was the first with a fully school-funded, school-managed program – and some differences certainly stood out!

We were very proud of our Prep students who engaged with their work and the visitors admirably as the large group wandered in and out of classrooms. It was also great to see the range of apps and tools that the students were using. Several visitors also commented that they were encouraged to see that students were using pen, paper, crayons and textas as well as technology. “A well-rounded classroom” was the comment.

Congrats to our teachers who welcomed the large group with little worry and even managed a few professional chats in between the relative disruption!

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