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on February 28, 2013

As we were researching and learning about using iPads in education, we can across several tools that we have found useful. Today I want to share a tool that links together a tool we teachers already use on a regular basis – Bloom’s Taxonomy – and apps that we may use on the iPad.

This supports our use of iPads as a tool for learning – a way to deepen the learning experiences for our students:


(Click here to enlarge this poster.) We know that there are levels of understanding within learning. Remembering something is the lowest form – for example rote counting to 20 doesn’t mean a child understands numbers. The highest level, Creating, involves the students in demonstrating their knowledge through creating something new. For example, taking the numbers 1 – 20 and making a number puzzle or treasure map.

When choosing HOW we use iPads, we are always concerned with the depth of learning the tool offers – sometimes better learning can be achieved with pencil and paper, sometimes the iPad offers a deeper experience.

See you next time!

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